Monday, March 03, 2008

Fast Sunday

Mormons have a Fast Sunday every first Sunday of the month. We go without food and water for a 24 hour period as a way to gain greater spirituality, show our reliance on God, and give to the needy. (we give the money we would have used on the food to the poor)

Yesterday as we were driving home, Bella (my 4 year old) was telling me about primary. (Here is a photo of her leaving a typical church classroom)Bella loves her teacher, Sister Dennis. She had a great day and was especially happy for the chocolate chip cookies that her teacher had brought to share.

The teachers don't always bring treats and they rarely do on Fast Sunday. (because even though children don't usually fast, by not bringing treats it is a way to support the principle)

Bella says to me on the way home, "Mom, Sister Dennis must have forgotten that it is Fifth Sunday because she brought us cookies." So much for having taught the principle! I responded, "Do you mean Fast Sunday, not Fifth Sunday?" She said, "Yeah, I guess."


The P*dunc's said...

She's a cutie!

Rita said...

Love the photo -- she's so cute!

Chrys said...

ROFLROFL!! I love it 5th Sunday! She is really adorable. How old is she?