Friday, March 07, 2008

The family that eats grains together, abstains together.

I'm so glad that LG is almost always home for dinner. Hopefully it will make all the difference, because as you all know, we are on the brink of living the Suburbian dream! HA! And, surely, we will still be affable when we move from the inner-city.

And while I am posting about eating dinner, here is another link about how not to control your child's diet. And because Sophia and Abigail are in a normal weight range, I guess I am not as controlling as people would think.


Michelle said...

Guess who my big winner is?? If you could email me your address I will get your goodies sent to you!!


Renee said...

Are you going to stay in the area or look for a job elsewhere? Moving is stressful, but it's exciting too!