Saturday, March 29, 2008


Our friends, The Aders, got four baby ducks a few weeks ago. It is so funny to hear Valerie's two grandsons repeatedly remind everyone, "We are going to eat two and keep two."

I guess they are learning the facts of life while they are young. Surely they don't know all of the facts of life yet.

The other day, Valerie and I looked out the window to see all three of my girls jumping on the trampoline, with her two grandsons who had stripped all the way down to their underwear.

All of the kids seemed totally oblivious. They were just laughing and having a good old time...that is a story that will be fun to tell in a few years.

Going back to the ducks and the Aders. Kristy says that duck tastes sooo good. They bought the ducks for the sole purpose of having a gourmet meal. I think I will have to bribe Kristy with a paid ticket to her favorite restaurant, so that she can spare the lives of these ducks....No wonder why they call it a DUUUUCKKK! My only unasked question is this, "How can vegetarian Uncle Brian stand to live in the same house as all the carnivoric savages?"


Pedaling said...

i have never tasted duck.
but they look to cute to eat even though I despise birds of any kind.

cally said...

are you serious? This can't happen. Save the ducks, Alice!

Chrys said...

rofl, that is too funny about the uncle and his family! I probably would be a veg. if I had to raise to eat it. But,they do learn young. eat two, keep two. That's fair.
I have never been close enough to any bird for a true appreciation.

Mia said...

I would totally be a vegetarian if I could get my hubby and kids on board, but they are total meat eaters. Dang those duckies are cute!