Thursday, November 01, 2007

Monkey Hugs

When Abigail was about three, she quit wanting to go through the trouble to give us nighttime hugs and kisses. I don't know how it started, but Abigail came up with a new tradition: Monkey Hugs.(It probably started when Abigail was monkeying around - hence the term Monkey Hugs)

So, every night for about four years, the girls would give us each a monkey hug by jumping on our backs. We really liked this tradition. It made an easy transition from nightly prayers to bedtime bliss. The ritual started on our knees by the kids' beds, and advanced to them on our backs, and ended at us dumping them off our back into their bed.

For some reason the tradition died down. Probably when we started having family prayer in the family room. But tonight, after our prayer, Abigail decided to jump on her dad's back. Then the Sophia and Bella joinedin. I grabbed the camera off the shelf. I had to hurry because what you can't see in this picture is LG begging like a baby girl for them to get off his back....those new wood floors were way too hard on the knees.


nana said...

A cute tradition that David and Brooke have is she always makes green eggs and ham for breakfest on St.patricks day. I want to have more family trditions. Cute ..Love it. There is something else to blog about. Traditions

Rita said...

Love the photo -- poor LG! But a little bit of pain in the knees is well worth all that love! ;)

whitakerfamily said...

What a lucky man! He has three beautiful little girls that adore him!