Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red Tree

 "Look over there,
That tree's all alone."
The others must think that
she thinks she's outgrown.

"Not like us", they think
but do not dare say.

I stand in my roots
And feel quite like the tree
Advanced in my ways
and unlike the rest green.

"It's like me", I think
but do not dare say.

They are all green.
I am bright red.
I stand out alone,
against their green layer.

"Not like they", I do know,
but red was green yesterday.

(There was this lone red tree at the soccer field and it fit so well with how I was feeling that day - just different from everyone around me - But, look at how beautiful that different tree was, couldn't I be the same?)
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Cruze said...

Did you write that? Very nice! Love the pic too.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Yes, I wrote that. Picasa did a nice job turning my snapshot into art I think.