Tuesday, October 09, 2007

In The Clouds

While in the car on Saturday, I noticed this cloud on the bottom right. I saw an upside down pig that looks like he is cracking up after booting a football. I named the cloud pig on pig. (get it, they call a football pigskin) - perfect cloud for this time of year, huh? And, guess what, the Vols won later that day.

The other pic, I thought is a great catch of an obvious heart. The pictures above just 1 - of the beautiful southern sky with clouds and trees and 2- Sophia's other piece of "in the cloud" artwork. A quadruple decker cracker and cheese sandwich....YUM! And, yes, I have to sidenote that this sandwich was made with her spreadable cheese, not the sliced kind. She really needed a bath before we hit the baptism we were heading to, but what do you do?

Cute, that later in the day, Sophia and Uncle Logan were at a neighbor picnic. They were laying in a hammock, observing the clouds. Sophia asked Uncle Logan if she could take pictures with his cell phone and then she proceeded to capture every available cloud and tell Uncle Log what she saw. Man, don't ever forget that your children are always watching!


Rita said...

WOW! That cloud does look exactly like a pig laying on his back cracking up! That is so funny!

FeatherGirl ..... That's My Name!!! said...

I love cloud watching!! How awesome that you got those pictures!!