Monday, February 21, 2005

Take 2

It's me again Posted by Hello

This picture is in response to my little punky brewster sister, Renee, who commented that my hair still looks the same as my former KD Lang cut. Hello, RUDE! With her little, "I can't help it" response, my sister gives you a taste of why I have to have a blog all about myself. Because I grew up in a family who likes to take funny jabs at each other. Yeah, feel for me, I need this blog to boost my self-image.


Renee your little sis said...

Ok Ok your right it is cute and I like the color.. By the way that was not a personal jab just a joke. Besides What do you call the comment back . Hipocrite. Is that how you spell it. Anyway I love ya even if you hair was all gone so get over it already!!

Alice said...

Oh, so, now you leave a comment on the blog, huh?