Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy valentine's Day

I love you.


Anonymous said...

Alice Alice Alice, I have been to California and Oregon, and all over the West. I Know for a Fact, that There are more tree hugging Dirty hippies out there than there that don't shower but maybe once a month. And that is to only get the smell of Drugs off so they don't go and be some Bubba's boyfriend in the state penn. If you took and the nasty tree huggin Hippies in the west, I would put money on the fact that they outnumber the TN Trailor Trash.

Oh, and Happy V-day to you too.

Alice said...

You do have a point, and maybe I would agree if you took all the hippies from CA, WA, and OR. But, even if you took all the hippies from all of the states, they would never measure up to the people in this country that make us embarassed to be American because all they want to do is live on the least hippies just become one with nature and don't live off the rest of us.